Top 5 Cool Things You Can Do With an Old Laptop: Reuse!!

If you’re like the majority of computer geeks, the odds are great you have a lot of free computer parts laying around. These elements may have run you a great deal of cash time ago and so are now obsolete, or even you got them for free and would hate to throw them in the trash bin. Regardless of how you bought them, you most likely want to do something with them. One useful element, in particular, is just a laptop motherboard find laptops best buy from here. If you eventually have one within your parts deposit, you will be surprised by what you can perform with it.

Top 5 Things You Can Do With an Old Laptop


Most laptop batteries are exclusive to 1 design and certainly will be costly to displace. So if your old battery power has some battery life left, even though it’s simply an hour, someone else using the same product might spend a few bucks on it. Give it a try, while it’s probably better to recycle it.
If you never have a use for another desktop or notebook in the house, you could consider mounting it on the wall and making it a fixed, single-purpose machine. That may be a digital photo-frame, Laptop for calendars and dishes, and sometimes even a fitness partner for entertainment.

Sell It

This could seem clear, but many people only do not realize how much their previous computer parts are worth. This is especially true for old laptop motherboards, which is often really valuable because laptop parts are often difficult to get. You might generate a good little money by promoting your old motherboard on an internet auction site or even to a PC repair center.
Memory sticks tend to be simple to eliminate as shown in the video above. Note that there are many different kinds Memory. Not only do they differ in storage capacity (measured in GB) and clock rate, but also in shape, which can be shown in the name.


Many motherboard components can be scrapped and reused. Chop shops aren’t only for vehicles. If you enjoy trying out technology, a motherboard contains a wealth of small parts that may be employed for other projects. This includes capacitors and heat sinks.
Keychain or Clock
One common activity in the computer world would be to create keychains from old computer parts, particular processors. Why not change your motherboard into a pretty item? Obviously, you’ll probably want to cut it into smaller pieces first. Some enthusiasts also use motherboards as bases for lamps. These technology-inspired items incorporate special flair to any office or bedroom.


Several packages now exist that can recycle old computer parts.
If you can’t find a use for the old laptop motherboard, the past thing you ought to do is put it away. Computer components contain many ingredients bad for the surroundings, including lead and mercury. Why don’t you reduce Mother Earth a rest and recycle the motherboard?